A Strange New Game Console Revealed And A Big Nintendo Franchise Making A Return? | News Wave

The other day a new console started to make the rounds online showing a strange system and a very familiar looking logo. A new trademark was spotted for Nintendo showing some interesting wording that could be pointing towards a big franchise returning for the Switch.

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The DioField Chronicle launches September 22, demo launches August 10



00:00 – Start

00:40 – Red Dead Redemption And GTA IV Remakes Report

2:13 – Complete Set Of SNES Manuals Uploaded

3:32 – Sony Hiring To Create New Emulator

4:45 – New Web 3 Game Console Announced

10:11 – Diofield Chronicle Release Date

12:42 – New Donkey Kong Trademark

14:59 – Amiico Trademark Now Under Abandoned Status

17:22 – Poll

18:28 – Comment Of The Day

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