Dairy interview Questions l #Dairy #Farm Interview l #डेयरी फार्म इंटरव्यू

Dairy interview Questions l #DairyFarm Interview
Dairy farm.
1. Meaning of dairy technology.
Ans. Dairy technology food technology,branch milk engineering.
2. Define milk.
Ans. Health animals.
3. Cow milk.
Ans.fat cow (87%).
4. Buffalo milk.
Ans. Fat buffalo (7 to 11).
5. Can you breeds of cow and buffalo.
Ans. 2 types breeds( cow, saival) and buffalo, muarra.
6. Dairy products.
Ans. Curd, butter, cheese.
7. Operation flad.
Ans. Dr. Vargiskuriyen, 1970 start 1970- 1996, three stage.
8.what is NDDB.
Ans. Govt of India, 16 July 1965, head cater anand ( Gujarat).
9. Chemistry of milk.
Ans. Protein, lipids.
10. Milk colour.
Ans. Pigment.
11. Pasteurization of milk.
Ans. Pathogenic, HTSC, LDLT.
12. UST milk.
Ans. Ultra high tempreture milk( 135).
13. Micro biology milk.
Ans. Study of micro organism and related to milk.
14. Storage tempreture milk.
Ans. 4 degree.
15. How to do fat test of milk.

16..dairy processing.
Ans. Milk ko collect Karna.
17. Milking method name.
Ans. Hand milking method.
18. Harmonization .
19. Cow disease..
20. Competitors of amul company.
Ans. Amul, Saras.
21.AMUL form form.
Ans. Anand milk united limited.
22. Lactose lactic acid.
Ans. Person, milk digestion.
23. Keratin .
Ans. Pigment, photo synthensis.
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