Estrella Insurance Franchise Review (2020)

Join Estrella Insurance’s Franchise Development Manager, Felipe Martinez, and Vetted Biz’s Co-founder, Patrick Findaro, as they review the insurance industry in light of COVID-19 and how Estrella Insurance is well positioned for the upcoming years.

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What to know about Estrella Insurance franchise?
Estrella insurance offers a low-cost investment along with a proven business model. As an industry leader for over 40 years, Estrella insurance offers complete training and support as well as strong marketing campaigns across traditional and digital formats. Estrella insurance leverages the relationship with insurance companies to offer the right coverage and pricing to our customers.

An Interview with Felipe Martinez, Development Director of Estrella Insurance Franchise
So again without further ado, I want to bring on Felipe Martinez from Estrella. A little bit about Felipe, he joined Estrella about two years ago.

They had around 120 locations when he joined, since then they’ve expanded to over 160 units across the United States. Felipe has an extensive background in marketing as well as business development. And he was personally recruited by the CEO of Estrella and is currently the director of franchise development. So, Felipe, we’re super excited to have you on, really appreciate you joining. And we want to keep this as informational as possible. And submit your questions on here to see what you would like to ask Felipe, you know, let’s keep it conversational. All right, guys. Turn it over to Felipe. Thanks again.

Felipe: Patrick. Thank you for that great introduction. And thank you for the team at Vetted Biz for putting this presentation together and thank you everybody for attending. You know, I want to be able to go a little bit more about the insurance industry here. I think we’re all dealing with a certain economic climate for businesses. And I want to be able to talk a little bit more about how the insurance industry is better poised to this economic climate than most, be able to give everybody a little bit of information on the franchise opportunity that we offer here at Estrella. And at any point, if anybody has any questions, please go ahead and put them in the chat box and we’ll be glad to address them as we go through this.

Estrella Insurance, the exemplary concept of franchising
I, first of all, want to give you a little bit of a background on our organization because we have been a leader in the property and casualty insurance space for well over 40 years now. We actually began as a corporate entity of operating corporate offices. This company was founded by a Cuban immigrant who actually did life insurance in the 1970s. And in those years, several different auto-insurance policies became mandatory and he started the first Estrella agency in 1980 as an immigrant really pursuing the American dream. And thankfully, our founder Mr. Estrella was very successful in growing 40 corporate locations.

And in 2008, we began to offer the opportunity to folks to actually have their own Estrella insurance agency. We converted all 40 corporate locations, really giving the first opportunity to employees that had been with us for many years, growing from simple customer service representatives up to the managers of each location and we presented them the opportunity to own their business, most of them did. From 2010 on is when we really began offering franchises from scratch. From 2010 and those 40 corporate locations, we are now 160, thankfully. And we’re operating across four markets right now across Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas.

So I wanted to give everybody a brief overview of how this company started, you know, and it’s again, a family-owned business still running, really providing opportunities to a lot of immigrant families, you know? And now through the help of visa franchise and Vetted Biz, I’m happy to say that we’re now providing opportunities to immigrants from other nations to come on board and be able to pursue the American dream for themselves here, you know?

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