Get a grip on Your Contingent Workforce Management with Eightfold AI

Who should attend:
CHROs; Talent-management and talent-acquisition professionals; procurement professionals, strategic/indirect sourcing program leads, and others interested in contingent work.

What you will learn:
1. Challenges with the way contingent work is now being run right now
2. How the process could be re-imagined
3. The potential role of AI in managing contingent work

Contingent workers now make up a large proportion of many organizations’ workforces — the majority of people in some companies. But the current external workforce hiring process works much like an assembly line. Individual workers are forgotten when the job is complete. Instead of investing in the relationship, organizations hit the reset button once a job is complete. They’re wiping out a key part of their talent networks. They’re forgetting about an expert, an employment-brand ambassador, and potentially the holder of tribal knowledge they will spend months building in the future. Organizations should nurture their external talent network just the way they think about their potential employee networks, especially if they belong to a skill family that’s crucial to the company’s future. The business case that can be delivered by re-engaging contingent workers is huge. In this webinar, we talk about how AI can be used to solve these challenges.