Goddard School Franchise Cost Worth It?

The Goddard School is a franchised preschool learning center. Services are offered for children between 6 weeks and 10 years old. The Goddard School has existed for over 30 years. Goddard aims to provide a positive and inclusive learning environment as some of the most valuable lessons can be in everyday moments.

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Goddard School Franchise Cost Worth Profit Potential? (2022)

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 About The Goddard School
00:59 The Goddard School Locations
01:11 Franchise Royalty and Marketing Fees
01:23 License Fee & Investment Cost
01:46 Franchise Revenues
02:20 The Pre-School Business
02:43 The Goddard School Financials
03:03 Time to Recoup the Investment
04:27 Conclusion

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