GTS1500 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor | Global Trash Solutions

You pay for trash removal by volume, not by weight. Investing in an indoor commercial trash compactor can slash your waste removal costs by up to 50%. The GTS1500 small trash compactor is a highly efficient, portable unit that turns seven bags of garbage into one compact cube.

Its small footprint and safe, easy-to-use design make the GTS1500 ideal for a wide variety of applications and businesses, including:

• Cruise ships
• Fast-food franchises
• Hotels and casinos
• Schools and colleges
• Retail stores
• Offices
• Manufacturing facilities

Global Trash Solutions is a national leader in waste consulting services and waste management solutions. Buy the GTS1500 directly online from us for just $188/month for 60 months. We’ll ensure your compactor is programmed to your exact industry specifications.

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