How Can Franchise Principles Help Your Business Thrive? Doug Downer Bob Ratnarajah

At Purpose with Profit, we invite Entrepreneurs and Experts to share their journey and Strategies with Purpose-led pioneers.

In this presentation and interview, we have Doug Downer from Franchise Ready answer all the deep questions about setting up your business for success.

Whether or not you are looking to franchise every business should be franchise ready.

At Purpose With Profit, we agree.

This is Part I – Doug Presents the six keys to a successful business.

Find out why a high percentage of businesses fail
How can staff replicate what I do?
Many ways to scale up the business, like licensing, franchising or company-owned growth with investors – how do you know if franchising is right for you?
There are mixed franchise stories – what are the lessons?
Can businesses be franchised
As new competition arrives, how can purpose-led brands stand out?
I know nothing about franchising. Where do I begin?

At Purpose With Profit, we are about growing the Purpose-led economy, starting with all things plant-based. We hold events for plant-based businesses and those looking to grow their plant-based offering.
You can move fast alone, or go further with a team.
00:00 Intro & opening
01:13 Doug’s Intro
03:10 Percentage of businesses that fail in 4 years
05:06 Idea or Model
06:13 Six Elements
06:29 Systems & Processes
08:25 Values & Value
09:37 People
11:04 Marketing
12:30 Milky Lane Example
13:05 Finance & Cashflow

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