NEW Niche Franchise Opportunity in the Non-Profit and Fundraising Sector

NEW Niche Franchise Opportunity in the Non-Profit and Fundraising Sector on Franchise Business Radio

SPECIAL SPOT LIGHT SHOW today with a UNIQUE, EMERGING Franchise Opportunity in the FUNDRAISING sector.

The Name of the Franchise is CG3 Battery Fundraising and our guest is the Founder & CEO Charles Grosse.


Charles has a background in Econometrics and Corporate Law, Charles served for over 25 years as the General Counsel and held various business executive roles for companies like RaceTrac, Barco, Glock and WAI Global.  He currently lives north of Atlanta with his wife Sarah and two daughters.  Hobbies include golf, traveling and competitive swimming.  Charles created CG3 Battery Fundraising with the goal of operating a lean and efficient company offering a unique product to the fundraising market.  In doing so, CG3 has tapped into a lucrative niche market while helping organizations raise much needed funds for great causes.

1) First things First….Give us a little history—Who is CG3?
2) How did you get into Fundraising? Industry Opportunity?
3) Tell us a little bit about the Product Offering. Batteries—Why Batteries? (Custom Branded-Battery Assortment Packs)
4) What made you decide to Franchise?
5) What is the Franchisee’s Role?
6) How does the Fundraising Organization make money?
7) A franchise in the fundraising sector makes you a unique franchise opportunity—so what else is unique about your franchise offering? Why CG3 if someone was considering a franchise?
8) Are you concerned about competition from other battery companies?
9) What are you looking for in a prospective franchisee candidate?

“I’m excited to announce that I have chosen to become a CG3 Battery Fundraising Franchisee and I am really looking forward to working with you Charles.”  Pam Currie

With close to 20 years in franchising and have acquired business acumen from multiple perspectives of the franchise business model. For the past 9 to 10 years you have specialized in helping clients find the right franchise opportunity. Why did I decide to become a CG3 Franchisee?

–Unique, Niche Franchise Opportunity in the Non-Profit / Fundraising Sector
–1.5 Billion Dollar Industry that is fragmented and in need of business professionals to lead & get involved.
(Note: A Fragmented industry = Great Franchise Opportunity)
–Home Based / Lifestyle Business
–Low Overhead
–Low & Affordable Cost of Entry (Franchise Fee is only 25K)
–No Royalties (Distributor Model)
–High Potential for High Return on Investment
–Sales Based with an Approachable Customer Base (not like a classic B2B Sales Process)
–Manufacturer – Distributor Business Partnership. Franchisee is the face of the business and manages the customer relationships and all back end operations & product fulfillment are managed by Corporate (Franchisor).
–Large Protected Territories
–Reoccurring Revenue
–Digital Marketing Program to help drive leads to franchisees

 The Key to a successful ground level franchise is Leadership and I liked what I learned (not only about the opportunity), but about Charles leadership style & philosophy.
 I was able to see his vision & what he is planning to achieve
 I like Charles “culture philosophy” of openness, collaboration, flexibility. He wants franchisee’s to have input and a voice (we are already discussing forming a franchisee board).
 I like that Charles has created what I call a Franchisee Friendly Biz Model. Large Protected Territories. Ability to really build my own business inside of a business. (Asset) and in an environment where I’m giving back.
 I believe this biz opportunity taps into my strengths and passions… –I like the idea of serving the community & raising money for important

–I like the customer base that I will be working with….schools, churches, parents, athletic directors –And this is complimentary to my current business, Franchise Intellect and being a Franchise Advisor.

Charles and I have discuss why Promoting Custom Branded Battery Assortment Packs makes sense, but I’d like to dive deeper into what we refer to as FUNDRAISING POWER THAT THE FUNDRAISING ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZER & VOLUNTEERS CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT REPRESENTING.

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