Sony FX30 Review For Wedding Filmmakers – BEST Budget Videography Camera

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson’s review of the FX30 for wedding filmmakers, telling you if it’s the best budget camera for wedding videography and documentary filmmaking.
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0:00 FX30 Review For Wedding Filmmakers
0:32 CONCLUSION (because I respect your time)
1:13 Body & Build Quality
2:24 Screen
2:57 Ports
3:41 Audio Ports & Optional Handle
4:49 Fan & Overheating
5:32 Memory Cards
6:20 Menus & Rant
7:37 Autofocus & IBIS
8:27 Battery Life & How Many You Need At A Wedding
8:49 Picture Profiles, Bitrates, CINE Ei
9:38 Custom LUTs!
10:10 Frame Rates
10:55 DIFFERENCES Between The FX30 & Other Sony Cameras
11:23 FX30 Sensor Size
12:45 SECRET Workaround For The Crop
14:45 Lowlight Performance
17:27 The AGGRESSIVE Price
18:43 FX30 VS My 13 Year Old Camera
20:07 Should You Buy The FX30?

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