Sport Clips Franchise – The Best In Real Estate Support

One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful Sport Clips Team Leader is to secure the right location for your store. Sport Clips has an entire team dedicated to ensuring that you not only find the right spot for your business, but that the process of securing fair terms for your lease agreement goes smoothly as well as the build-out and construction of your store is effectively managed.

“We have long-term relationships with landlords and developers, and that’s a tremendous advantage for our Team Leaders,” says Greg Smith, Vice President of Real Estate. “We get access to prime locations first as a result of those relationships. We also do a ton of research as to what makes a good site and where the good sites are. We use GIS technology, as well as demographic and psychographic data, to ensure that our Team Leaders choose the right location.”

When you’re ready to open your store – we come to you, literally. We send a team of coaches to train your managers and stylists on our haircutting methodology and services to ensure that your customers get the Championship Haircut Experience right out of the gate. We also outfit you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure that you’re able to spread the good news and attract new customers.